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Latif & Brother with the trade name of ALCO is hi-tech quality conscious company. The company manufactures the high pressure gas cylinder valves and accessories in various size and shapes. We manufacture valves and accessories according to international standards. The full range of ALCO gas valves and accessories is a perfect choice for any industrial installation, gas field, refinery, LPG gas cylinders, industrial gases and medical gas cylinders. We ensure highest standard of safety. Our products provide excellent performance and long listing.

The company is ISO 9001: 2008 Certified by SGS Our LPG and Oxygen cylinder valves are tested and type approved by Intertek Testing Service (ITS) UK . LPG valves are tested from BAM Lab Germany according to EN standards and directive 99/36/EC approved for PI Mark (ϖ 1798) ISCIR CERT Romania.

ALCO  design engineers use CAD, CAM and CATIA systems to generate NC code for CNC machines in production hall. We hire the highly qualified and experienced engineer staff/team. We control the whole manufacturing process from raw material to finished product according to international standards with the help of internal and external testing labs.

Technology is our hallmark. We are committed to produce quality and standardised products. Our aim is total satisfaction of our customers. We have wide range of customised products according to standards.